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Our Patients share their testimonials and success stories

The Center for Balance is the first and only practice in the Cincinnati area that exclusively treats individuals suffering from dizziness, vertigo, and balance problems since 2003. Many of our patients come to The Center for Balance after going to a general or orthopedic practices that don’t specialize in these neurological problems only to be disappointed that not only did they not get relief of their symptoms, but felt they were in the wrong place for their problems.

Our Patients are the best!

Robert's Success Stories with The Center for Balance and Dizziness


Robert graduated from our Anderson office. He had a history of balance deficits limiting his daily activities. On his last day, all his treatment goals were met. “I feel much more confident balance-wise and comfortable returning to doing things I used to do.” (Pictured with Anne Deters, DPT.)

Justin G.'s Patient Success Stories

Justin G.

Justin G. came to The Center for Balance suffering from dizziness, vertigo (ear rocks), dizziness due to neck stiffness, and being off balance while performing activities of daily living. After therapy, Justin was able to perform activities and work without dizziness or vertigo and his balance returned to normal.

Ken's Patient Success Stories

Ken S.

After many falls, Ken’s doctor was concerned and sent him to us. After 6 weeks of therapy, Ken is stable on his feet, can safely step over curbs, and most importantly — no falls! Ken loved everything about the clinic!

Peg's Patient Success Stories

Peg W.

“I drove 70 miles round trip from Dayton twice a week just to come to The Center for Balance. I am so glad my doctor referred me here; it was definitely worth the trip.”

Kerry's Patient Success Stories

Kerry L.

“I am so happy I found The Center for Balance, you guys have helped me a lot, my balance is so much better. Angie was great”!

Faye's Patient Success Stories

Faye M.

“I loved coming to The Center for Balance, it has helped me so much in my daily activities balance wise.”

Judy's Patient Success Stories

Judy K.

“I loved coming to The Center for Balance. It has made me very comfortable on my feet and I no longer have a fear of falling!”

Clarence's Patient Success Stories


“I feel more confident on stairs, uneven ground, and stepping over and around things. I am very grateful to The Center for Balance. My confidence is back!”

Belinda's Patient Success Stories

Belinda T.

”I am so glad I came to The Center for Balance, I am able to do everything I was doing before the surgery.”

John's Patient Success Stories

John M.

“Ever since the first day I came to you guys my dizziness is gone, and I don’t have what I like to call out of body experiences.”

Janice's Patient Success Stories

Janice O.

“I love this place and all the people here! From the therapist To the front desk, I can’t thank them enough. I now am able to walk and drive because my dizziness after surgery is now totally gone!”

Claudette's Patient Success Stories

Claudette K.

“I feel like a new person, you guys are great!”

Betty's Patient Success Stories

Betty W.

“Angie was so sweet, I enjoyed picking on Patrick! I am so much better.”

Louella's Patient Success Stories

Louella C.

“My vertigo is gone, my balance is good, I am good to go!”

William's Patient Success Stories from The Center for Balance and Dizziness

William H.

“I called Dr. Shumrick St. Patrick, because my vertigo was gone after one visit, this place is a blessing.”

Louis's Patient Success Stories

Louis J.

“I am way more confident on my feet and was able to increase my walking speed! I loved coming to The Center for Balance. Everyone was so helpful.”

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If you're experiencing balance or dizziness issues, contacting The Center for Balance and Dizziness in Cincinnati, OH, can be a crucial step towards improving your health. This specialized center offers expert diagnosis and treatment for balance-related disorders. To get in touch, you can visit their website for detailed information or call their office directly for an appointment. Their experienced team of healthcare professionals provides personalized care, using advanced diagnostic tools and therapy techniques. The center also offers educational resources to help you understand your condition better. Reaching out to them can lead to effective management of your symptoms and a significant improvement in your quality of life.


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