Pump Head/Post Perfusion

History: B.W. is a 79 year old male referred to The Center for Balance with complaints of dizziness, balance problems, and 2 falls in the last 3-4 months. B.W. stated his symptoms began after having bypass surgery four months ago. Patient symptoms consist of a feeling of lightheadedness while moving his head, reading, walking with head movements, shopping in stores with bright lights, and walking on uneven surfaces. Patient describes his symptoms as, “a feeling of wooziness and light headedness, I cant control my balance, I think people think I am drunk, I could never pass a DUI test, I basically do nothing”. Patient complains of dizziness intensity of 7/10 (10 being severe, o being no dizziness). Patient further states his fear of falling during activities of daily living is 6/10 (10 high fear of falling, 0 no fear of falling). B.W. states he is afraid to go out by himself, feels he is a burden to his family, and not the person he used to be.

Patient demonstrating severe gait disruptions ambulating with head movements, walking on uneven surfaces, walking around and over obstacles.

Results: At the time of discharge from physical therapy B.W. was able to perform ADL’s without dizziness or fear of falling during daily activities. All balance scores were normal. B.W. states he is able to do things by himself, “I don’t have to bother my wife any more”.