Do you suffer from dizziness/vertigo, or feel you are you at risk of falling?

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Have you fallen in the last 12 months?*
Do you take four or more prescription medications daily?*
Because of your problem, is it difficult for you to go for a walk by yourself?*
Do you have a fear of falling?*
Does looking up/titling your head back make you dizzy or off balance?*
Does walking down the aisle of a supermarket without a cart increase your dizziness or imbalance?*
Do you have trouble getting into or out of bed?*
Do you restrict your participation in social activities such as going out to dinner, movies, dancing, or parties?*
Are you afraid to leave your home without having someone accompany you?*
Do quick movements of your head make you dizzy or off balance?*
Does rolling onto your side in bed make you dizzy?*
Is it difficult for you to walk around your house in the dark?*
Are you afraid to stay home alone?*
Have your dizziness or balance problems placed stress on relationships with members of your family or friends?*
Does bending over make you dizzy or off balance?*
Do you sometimes have difficulty when getting up from a seated position?*

Disclaimer: This should not be used as a diagnostic tool but as an educational tool for consideration of assessment and treatment. These questions are based on actual patient dizziness and balance complaints and symptoms common in our clinics. Dizziness, vertigo, and balance problems are not identified or helped by simple testing (MRIs, etc) or medications. Rather, a full functional assessment is required to identify your problems so an individualized treatment plan can be created and tailored to meet your specific needs.