Cervicogenic Dizziness Due to Neck pain or stiffness

Neck pain and cervical dizziness treated by The Center for Balance and Dizziness

The Center for Balance and Dizziness Treats Neck Pain / Cervical Dizziness for Dizziness and Imbalance


Cervicogenic dizziness and balance problems are brought on because of neck pain, stiffness, and a lack of head range of motion.

The Center for balance and dizziness treats dizziness and imbalance caused by neck pain and stiffness. Patients often complain of dizziness and balance deficits with head movements and various head positioning.

Since your neck muscles are also involved in telling your brain where your head is moving through space, like your inner ear, cervicogenic dizziness is often mistaken for an inner ear problem. Patients continue to complain of dizziness and balance problems even after being treated with traditional methods.

Neck pain and stiffness need to be treated correctly to resolve cervicogenic dizziness and balance problems. The key is to know what to look for when evaluating patients for cervicogenic dizziness, and we can help.

Common causes of cervical dizziness include whiplash injuries, cervical spondylosis, and prolonged strain due to poor postural habits. Symptoms can range from a vague sense of unsteadiness to pronounced dizziness, often exacerbated by neck movement. This condition can also coexist with other forms of dizziness, making diagnosis challenging.

At The Center for Balance and Dizziness, a comprehensive assessment is crucial. This includes a detailed history, physical examination, and possibly imaging studies to identify the underlying cervical issues. Cervicogenic treatment involves a combination of soft tissue techniques, focusing on improving neck mobility and strength, proprioceptive retraining exercises, and vestibular rehabilitation.

The Center’s approach is holistic, often integrating manual therapy, ergonomic advice, and lifestyle modifications alongside specific exercises. By addressing the root cause of cervical dizziness, the goal is to not only alleviate the symptoms but also prevent recurrence, helping patients regain their sense of balance and confidence in their daily activities.

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