Quality of life is the perception of one’s well being, or lack of, during activities of daily living. This includes emotional, physical, and functional portions of our lives. Patients suffering from dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance demonstrate a change in their quality of life; simple everyday tasks become difficult, if not impossible, to perform.

Diminished Quality of Life Has a Huge Impact

Research has demonstrated a direct correlation between people suffering from these symptoms and anxiety, perceived stress, panic disorders, depression, agoraphobia (a fear of public places or open spaces), and a perception of disability. A diminished quality of life can lead to limited activities in and out of the home, decreased social interactions, difficulty at work, interactions with family and loved ones, and the inability to enjoy leisure activities.

There is Help!

For many, the symptoms of dizziness and balance problems often go un-diagnosed and/or unacknowledged, many individuals are left to deal with these symptoms by themselves. Simple activities involving head and eye movements can cause dizziness and balance problems. The longer these symptoms go untreated, the worse quality of life issues become.

Our Approach is unique

Many of the patients we see at The Center for Balance and Dizziness come to us without a medical diagnosis or a clear cut cause of their symptoms. Our approach to treating our patients is based on evaluating and treating deficits in the three systems in our bodies responsible for dizziness and balance issues: the somatosensory (joint sense), visual, and vestibular (inner ear) systems. This treatment approach, developed by Dr. Patrick Shumrick and our clinicians, addresses functional needs; we are specialists in this area.

No Doctor Referral Needed

The Center For Balance and Dizziness is the only medical facility in Cincinnati that exclusively treats people suffering from dizziness, vertigo and balance problems. In the State of Ohio, you don’t need a doctor referral to see us. Contact us today for an assessment.