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Ken came to us after having many falls, his Doctor was concerned and sent him to us. After 6 weeks of therapy He is stable on his feet now and safely can step on and over curbs, most importantly no falls! Ken loved everything about the clinic and would love to come for years!”

Ken S.

“I am so happy to be able to do things again, I was basically sitting around because of a fear of falling”. “I felt like a family member, which went a long way in my recovery”.

Richard G.

“I love this place and all the people here! From the therapist To the front desk, I can’t thank them enough. I now am able to walk and drive because my dizziness after surgery is now totally gone!”

Janice O.

“I drove 70 miles round trip from Dayton twice a week just to come to The Center for Balance, I am so glad my doctor referred me here; it was definitely worth the trip”.

Peggy W.

“I am so happy I found The Center for Balance, you guys have helped me a lot, my balance is so much better. Angie was great”!

Kerry L.

“I feel like a new person, you guys are great”!

Claudette K.