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“I am so happy to be able to do things again, I was basically sitting around because of a fear of falling”. “I felt like a family member, which went a long way in my recovery”.

Richard G.

“I love this place and all the people here! From the therapist To the front desk, I can’t thank them enough. I now am able to walk and drive because my dizziness after surgery is now totally gone!”

Janice O.

Luke, a senior at Mcnicholas high school, came to our Anderson office with complaints of dizziness and balance problems after flying 2 weeks prior to seeing us. Luke had a history of concussions while playing sports in high school, otherwise his past medical history was unremarkable. Luke complained of dizziness moving his head and eyes while walking, as well as, seated head and neck movements side to side and up and down. Luke tested positive for cervicogenic dizziness (dizziness due to tight neck musculature), BPPV (vertigo due to ear rock displacement), and positive vestibular tracking deficits. On his last day, Luke no longer had dizziness or vertigo, balance scores were normal, and he was looking forward to starting conditioning for the upcoming baseball season.
Pictured here with Dr. Anne Deters DPT

Albert came to our Blue Ash office with symptoms of dizziness, vertigo (BPPV/Ear Rocks), cervicogenic dizziness (dizziness due to stiff neck musculature), and a history of falls. On his last he said, “My balance and posture are perfect, Kielly is the best therapist you have”.

Nancy B. came to The Center for Balance and Dizziness after falling multiple times and was afraid of injuring herself. “I cant thank The Center for Balance enough, I can get back to doing the things I like without being afraid I am going to fall, I tell everyone about the great work you guys do”. Pictured here with Nathan Foster PTA Anderson office.

Yvonne came to The center for Balance and Dizziness in Anderson suffering from dizziness, a fear of falling, and balance problems. On her first day, Yvonne went through our risk of fall assessment evaluation and it was determined she was at a high risk of falling during activities of daily living. On her last day, she had no fear of falling and her balance was back to normal! Pictured her with Angie Shumrick PT, posing with a flat flamingo for fall prevention awareness month. SPREAD THE WORD.

“I drove 70 miles round trip from Dayton twice a week just to come to The Center for Balance, I am so glad my doctor referred me here; it was definitely worth the trip”.

Peggy W.

“I am so happy I found The Center for Balance, you guys have helped me a lot, my balance is so much better. Angie was great”!

Kerry L.

“I feel like a new person, you guys are great”!

Claudette K.

Bradly came to our Anderson office with complaints of dizziness, cervicogenic dizziness (due to tight neck muscles), and balance deficits. Pictured here with Dr. Anne Deters on his last day, symptom free! Congrats Bradly!

Bill came to our Anderson office complaining of dizziness and balance deficits limiting activities of daily living. Bill was treated for dizziness, cervicogenic dizziness (dizziness due to stiff neck muscles), and balance problems. On his last day Bill was very happy with his progress, “When I come here I feel fantastic, I can climb a 10 foot ladder”. Pictures here with physical therapist Angie Shumrick PT.


John came to us suffering from dizziness, cervicogenic dizziness (dizziness from tight neck muscles), and difficulties maintaining balance during daily activities. John no longer suffers from dizziness and has great balance. “Ever since the first day I came to you guys my dizziness is gone, and I don’t have what I like to call out of body experiences”.

“I really have more balance and confidence”. Bill, our latest graduate from our Anderson office came to us suffering from balance deficits limiting normal activities. Upon discharge, Bill no longer suffered from balance problems and has returned to independent safe activities. Pictured here with his PT Anne Deters DPT.