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The assessment and treatment of individuals suffering from dizziness, vertigo, and balance problems involves a thorough functional evaluation of your symptoms and the development of a treatment program to fit your needs and goals.

The Center for Balance is the only practice in the Cincinnati area that exclusively treats individuals suffering from dizziness, vertigo, and balance problems.

Many of our patients come to The Center for Balance after going to a general or orthopedic practice that don’t specialize in these neurological problems only to be disappointed that not only did they not get relief of their symptoms, but felt they were in the wrong place for their problems.

Why our patients get  better:

  • Our Practice Focus: Our practice focus is relieving your dizziness and vertigo symptoms, correct any balance problems, and return you to functional independence. Our focus is on your quality of life.
  • Patient Education: A thorough assessment and explanation of your symptoms, deficits, and individualized treatment plan and goals. When our patients understand the how’s and why’s of what we do, they are involved in their treatment and goal setting process. Who knows better than yourself what you are going through.
  • One On One: Treatment sessions are 1 on 1 between clinician and patient: You will not be passed around to other clinicians, or put in a corner to perform exercises on your own.
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation: Dizziness and balance disorders caused by inner ear disorders.
  • Static Balance Deficits: Balance problems in small spaces, while standing stationary with eyes open/closed, bending to pick up objects off floor, reaching, turning in small places.
  • Dynamic Balance Deficits: Balance while walking, stepping over and around obstacles, going up and down stairs.
  • Risk of Fall Assessment: Assessment of functional static and dynamic balance while performing activities of daily living. Results of testing indicate your risk of falling and balance deficits that need to be addressed.
  • Core Strengthening Program: Exercises to promote the ability to control your trunk, a key in maintaining balance during your daily activities.
  • Functional Activity Training: Functional balance exercises to promote safe independent activities of daily living.
  • Obstacle Negotiating Program: Exercises to promote safe negotiation of obstacles in the environment (curbs, stairs, inclines, uneven surfaces, compliant surfaces).